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Ojie, the Origami Grasshopper

An exciting new educational series for children ages 7-9!

Ojie, The Origami Grasshopper – Beeing Amazing

It’s a day that doesn’t hold much promise. None of Ian’s friends are around. When he accidentally comes upon a shop he’s never seen before, Ian is off on the adventure of a lifetime. The shopkeeper gives Ian an Origami Grasshopper. The old man explains that this beautiful bug has special powers. Special powers Ian must discover for himself. He heads home with his treasure only to become frightened when a bee starts buzzing around his head. Ian hears a voice. The grasshopper has come to life. It’s here that the adventure really begins for Ian. Ojie teaches Ian a valuable lesson about the important role bees play. With the help of a magical spell, Ian learns to see his world in a whole new way. This story is the first in an educational series of adventures of Ojie, The Origami Grasshopper.

Ojie’s Song

Beeing Amazing

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Ojie, The Origami Grasshopper – Finding Grace

Grace Harper finds herself headed to her fourth foster home.

She’s been acting out after her little sister gets adopted and she is left behind. Her social worker places her at a ranch with a kindly cowboy named Sarge, who takes Grace under his wing. He introduces her to a horse he has rescued, named Captain. Sarge tells Grace, who adores horses, that getting Captain to trust people again is her project.

Ojie comes to life and teaches Grace that not only is she up to the task, she and the horse will share a common bond that will change both of their lives.



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Ojie, The Origami Grasshopper 
The Elephants You Will Never Forget

Seeking a better life and school for Imari his family is moving to another country in Africa called Zimbabwe.  Imari’s mother has taken a job as a ranger on an Elephant Sanctuary. Moving is difficult and Imari is sad about no longer living by the sea. It’s Imari’s last day looking for sea glass on the beach.  As he says goodbye to the Ocean he loves, he picks up a glass bottle from the seaweed and heads for home.  Sitting in the shade of a tree and remembering the bottle he found he takes a closer look. It’s then that Imari discovers a magical Origami Grasshopper. The Grasshoppers name is Ojie. The adventure begins with a magical spell as Ojie takes Imari on a journey learning all about the elephants his mom is protecting and just how important her job is to their safety.

This book in our series is based on the real-life all women Akashinga Anti- Poaching Squad in Zimbabwe. To learn more about these brave rangers go www.iapf.org

This Gift

On The Savannah

Amari’s journey (in red) from the beaches of Mozambique to Zimbabwe’s Phundundu Wildlife Area, a 115-square-mile former trophy hunting tract in the Zambezi Valley ecosystem. The greater region has lost thousands of elephants to poachers over the last two decades. The Akashinga (“brave ones” in the Shona language) patrol Phundundu, which borders 29 communities.

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The Great Elephant Migration

Ojie, The Origami Grasshopper 
The Song of the Sea

Hailey is a young girl in a small coastal town, grieving the recent loss of “Pop.” She and her grandfather were best friends. He was a fisherman and often took Hailey out on his boat that he loved, to his favorite place—the sea. Whenever they returned from a trip on the water, Pop asked, “Hailey, can you hear it?” The question was a riddle Hailey is sure her grandfather enjoyed asking.  But it also seemed like an impossible mystery to solve.

Hear what? she wondered. When the spirited girl and her mom look through Pop’s workshop, they discover Hailey’s grandfather’s origami grasshopper. Pop always said the bug was magic, but he also loved to tease Hailey and tell her tale tales. However, the winged creature unexpectedly comes to life, and leads Hailey on an unforgettable journey of adventure and discovery—revealing the answer to Pop’s puzzle and lighting the way to keep his memory alive in her heart.

Song of the Sea

A Bedtime Story for Younger Children

Whenever I Think About You

Each of the illustrations in this book includes an image of a child who has a rare genetic condition called Williams Syndrome.  Williams syndrome occurs in more than 500,000 individuals worldwide, and yet it is still unknown to much of the general and medical community.  It presents a long list of unique challenges that includes lifelong medical, cognitive and behavioral issues. Young children often require one or more surgical procedures to correct cardiovascular problems and a unique learning profile creates challenges in school and at work. But there is a bright side.  Medical and learning issues often occur side by side with extraordinary gifts, which include striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities, and an affinity for music.

Whenever I Think About You brings to life the feeling that every parent has about their young child. It also depicts the beautiful smiles and endearing personality that help to make individuals with Williams syndrome unforgettable to everyone they meet.  Scientists believe that as many as 30 percent of individuals with Williams syndrome are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.  The Williams Syndrome Association is extremely grateful to Jacquelyn Marston and Anita Sullinger for combining their talents o bring Williams syndrome to life in this beautiful bedtime story.  I hope that it will pique your interest too, and you will want to learn more about Williams syndrome.


When You Smile

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