Book – Whenever I Think About You…


Whenever I Think About You…   Softcover Book



Whenever I Think About You…

Ages 3-5

Each of the illustrations in this book includes an image of a child who has a rare genetic condition called Williams Syndrome.  Williams syndrome occurs in more than 500,000 individuals worldwide, and yet it is still unknown to much of the general and medical community.  It presents a long list of unique challenges that includes lifelong medical, cognitive and behavioral issues. Young children often require one or more surgical procedures to correct cardiovascular problems and a unique learning profile creates challenges in school and at work. But there is a bright side.  Medical and learning issues often occur side by side with extraordinary gifts, which include striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities, and an affinity for music.  Whenever I Think About You brings to life the feeling that every parent has about their young child. It also depicts the beautiful smiles and endearing personality that help to make individuals with Williams syndrome unforgettable to everyone they meet.  Scientists believe that as many as 30 percent of individuals with Williams syndrome are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.  The Williams Syndrome Association is extremely grateful to Jacquelyn Marston and Anita Sullinger for combining their talents o bring Williams syndrome to life in this beautiful bedtime story.  I hope that it will pique your interest too, and you will want to learn more about Williams syndrome.

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